Castle Ringstetten Use

Castle Ringstetten is available to members only for private functions. The stately building is suitable for family gatherings, business meetings, holiday parties, and weddings, while the grounds are ideal for picnics. Catering options are also offered. For additional information or to check availability, please send an email to


  1. Daytime family event with covered dish, under 30 people – $150 donation & $150 refundable security deposit
  2. Business meeting with boxed lunch, under 30 people – $200 donation & $150 refundable security deposit
  3. Full-day or evening without use of the Kitchen, under 30 people – $300 donation & $150 refundable security deposit
  4. Full-day or evening with use of the Kitchen or over 30 people – $500 donation & $150 refundable security deposit
  5. Weddings- $1,000 donation & $300 refundable security deposit
    1. 2-day commitment with set-up on day prior.
    2. Clean-up is included with this option only.


  • Private events at the Castle must be hosted by an Undine member who is present at all times during the event.
  • The donation, plus security deposit, must be paid in full prior to event.
  • You will be expected to leave the Castle as you found it. If that is the case, the security deposit will be returned after the event upon confirmation by the Caretaker that there is no trace of an event having taken place.
  • Trash must be double-bagged with contractor trash bags and placed by the Ridge Avenue fence or taken with the user.
  • The Club dishes are never to be used. Pots and pans can be used for options II and III.

Note: A 3% surcharge has been added to the electronic payment method to cover the cost of credit card processing fees

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