New Electronic Log Book

To access the new electronic logbook, there will be an iPad kiosk and keyboard located exactly where the logbook is located now.  This kiosk will be secured, so it will not get lost or misplaced. Although there will be some members that will still want to maintain the “old method” of log keeping, this new system will eventually replace all logging in the future.   For the comfort of those members with concerns, there will still be a physical, hand-written logbook initially as members grow accustomed to the new electronic system. But that hand-written logging system will be retired for good at the end of 2020.  You can convert during the year after you see how good the new system is. The move to this new electronic logbook system, will put us ahead of all the other clubs on the row regarding the technical advancement of the platform that has been selected.

As mentioned earlier, the new electronic logging system will be accessed by an iPad located in the boathouse.  This electronic logbook system is web-based, meaning that (in addition to accessing it from the kiosk in the boat club) it also can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  The logbook system website is here:

You are all encouraged to log in before your first row of 2020 and create a profile (i.e. an email and a password you create, or sign in using your Gmail Profile).  If you not able to register before your first row, you can always register at the kiosk located at the boathouse.

To Register:

– Browse to “
– Click the login Button on top right
– a pop-up login form will appear, use the “Go to registration” link at the bottom
– when you fill out the new account form or use the “Sign in Using Google+” option
– you’ll see another option to input a “Club Join Code”

– use code “2020” (without quotes) and hit enter.

The web-based electronic logbook is feature-rich and includes a dashboard for viewing the Mileage leaders, who is on the water, and a “message” board that should be used to let other members know about obstructions in the river, river conditions, or other general messages. There is also a “schedule” location that can be used to reserve a boat for a specific time.  This boat reservation feature, however, will NOT BE HONORED until our captain and coaches can agree on an approval process.
The Logbook Recording process will be as such:
To Launch:

– Log in at iPad Kiosk
– select the “Launch” button on the site  (or the + symbol on the Logbook page)
– Select the boat you are rowing (using either the filter options or scrolling)
– check the boat out

     – in cases of Team Boats, you’ll be able to select other members you are rowing with

– When completed, you’ll see a popup that your checked-out boat has been complete
– use the log out button in the top right corner.

To return:

– Log In at iPad Kiosk

– Select the LogBook button

(Anyone that is currently logged in can “return” a boat)

– Click on the “Return boat” option

– Tally the miles rowed.

– Click the “Sign Boat In” button

– use the log out button in the top right corner.

All of the current team boats and Undine-owned 1x’s are currently registered in the portal.  If you have a private boat you want to be added, please let me know and I will manage that aspect of the portal.

The log book for all Undine club and private boats is located at the entrance of the boat-bay.  The log book is used to record (a) who uses the boats; (b) when the boats are used and for how long; and (c) the condition of the boats when used.  The log can be used as a formal document by the club’s insurance underwriter or authorities if needed to investigate theft, accidents or other related matters.  In addition, the log serves as the formal record for annual mileage awards.  At the end of each year, the log is placed in the club’s archives for future reference.  All members and guests must record their names and departure times before each row and record their mileage after each row.