Undine has a history of a highly competitive Masters Racing Squad.  Undine Masters compete in all of the Masters Regattas that are hosted on the Schuylkill on boathouse row.  Additionally, Masters will car top boats and travel to regional regattas.

Traditionally The Masters Program has competed in the following Regattas each year:


Schuylkill Navy Regatta


Independence Daye Regatta

Carnegie Lake Regatta

Diamond State Masters Regatta


Masters Nationals Regatta


Navy Day Regatta

Head of the Charles Regatta

Head of the Schuylkill

For the first time in over a decade in the Summer of 2018, the World Masters Regatta was held in the United States.   Undine Masters went on to place in several different events.

  • Mens D 4+ (Undine Composite) – Silver
  • Mens E 2x (Undine Composite) – Silver
  • Mens E 8+ (Undine Composite) – Gold
  • Mens C 2x Undine – Gold
  • Mens A 2x Undine – Bronze
  • Mens B 1x Undine – Gold