RSVP to Club Dinners

Please reserve by sending an email to Mike Sciblo.  RSVPs are required by non later than noon on the Tuesday of the week of the dinner.

The list of 2017 club dinner dates is below. Stated Meetings begin at 6pm. Cocktails typically begin at 6:30pm with dinner starting at 7-7:30pm. The cost for members for the regular dinners are $30 and $25 for racing squad student members.  Beverages are BYO for wine & beer. Dress attire for non-summer months are jacket and tie while the summer is business casual – golf shirts.

Monthly Dinner
Member Name + Guest Name

2/23/17 – Active members


4/20/17 – Shad Dinner

5/18/17 – The Anniversary Dinner (Beef Filet)

6/22/17 – Business Casual Attire

7/20/17 – Business Casual Attire – (Lobster dinner $55)

8/17/17 – Business Casual Attire

9/23/17 – Captain’s Dinner (held on a Saturday)

10/26/17 – Pasta Dinner

Novemeber – N/A


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